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"Gavin brings a fresh talent and an inspiring presence to the world of voice and sound. The key to his genius is a simplicity of being that is too often missing in the everyday arts marketplace".

Chloe Goodchild-Pioneer of The Naked Voice

I just wanted to thank you again for this evening. Both Tania and I got so much from the session and were sharing our individual experiences all the way home. Personally, I have never let my voice sing itself like that before. Already looking forward to next month’s class.

Karl & Tania- Chant Out Oxford Feb 2022

"I attended a weekend workshop with Gavin and felt safe and welcome straight away. By the close of the workshop, I had somehow released all kinds of baggage and had a marvellous time along the way. Gavin is a natural teacher, with a joyful, intuitive and deeply attentive approach. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

With love and gratitude."

Tessa Strickland-Therapist- Oxford Weekend March 2020

"Society teaches us self-consciousness and fear, but going back to the body and sound through voicework sidesteps this. It was as if by exploring my own voice I came a little closer to my sense of self. I left feeling empowered, energised and as if I unlocked a little corner of myself that I never knew was there. The voice really is a vehicle for transformation."

Jane Egginton - Travel Writer and Yoga teacher- The Yoga Magazine Nov 2016

""It was a huge experience for me and one for which I am very grateful. I went to my choir last night and found the weekend had made a big difference to my breath control and confidence (and motivation). What was especially important  to me was that I could feel and hear the sounds through my chakras, which I’ve never thought to use as a map before. I was well outside my comfort zone, singing in such a small group; you made if feel very safe and that anything was possible Gavin. I will definitely sign up again.  Thanks to the whole group too, which I found very supportive and gentle and everyone brought such different, lovely energy."

Andria Falk-Sing For Your Life Weekend, Oxford, May 2017

"I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort taken to set up the wonderful experience that you offered last night. It was truly incredible and I loved it. I was taken into the unknown with the chanting, but I absolutely loved it and found myself moving around with the music which increased my meditation focus and I found it really joyful and liberating.  

Hopefully get to see you both another time." 

Nick Ashby-Sound Infusion Horsham-

Nov 3rd 2018

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Friday evening's chant at St. Buryan. It was such a cleansing, joyful and uplifting experience. My friend Julia had a wonderful experience too and released a lot of anxiety and emotion leaving her feeling refreshed and relaxed - just what we both needed! You have a truly beautiful voice and presence. We feel so blessed you come to Cornwall."

Christine Frost-Burton-Chant Out Cornwall Oct 4th 2019

"Gavin lead the workshop beautifully and gently throughout the weekend and he made me feel relaxed and at ease. I felt rejuvenated and transformed after the weekend and I also got to take away methods to add into my own singing practice."

Parimal Barot-Voice Power Dublin-Sept 29th/30th 2018

"Thanks so much Gavin for your generous and loving heart and your commitment to supporting us in our blossoming!  I had a great weekend - challenging in parts and joyous in so many aspects.

Linda Vincent-Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford, Mar 10th & 11th 2018

"Thank you so much for the weekend workshop. It was so much fun and learning!   I have been playing the CDs and listening to Kate's recording of the group, 'Oh Great Spirit' ~ I love it! 

Michele Jacob-Yoga Teacher-Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford, March 2018

"Just wanted to say a big thank you Gavin for the workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it and am still processing the emotions and energies that were released.   Just what I needed, many thanks".


"Many thanks Gavin, and again to everyone else too, our tones and sounds are still resonating deep within me. As to my/our mantra.....It's now my morning wake up call, my springtime wake up life time wake up call..blessings to everyone".

James Whittle-Sound Healer-Sing For Your Life Day, London-Nov 12th 2017 & Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford Mar 10th/11th 2018

 "If you are in London, I recommend Gavin's workshops. He brings a beautiful Presence and humanity, and has an awesome voice."   

Karen Benson- Singer and Choir Leader, Nov 2016

"You were amazing Gavin Frank ~ you have a beautiful voice and a big beautiful heart to sing from. I think all of the yogis on my retreat will be joining you on your voice and Kirtan workshops"

Heidi Marie Pascual - Lotus Love Yoga

"Not only does this let you express wordlessly what is deep inside yourself but you hear too the exquisite beauty of every soul.There's nothing like this."

Susan Hannis

"I am discovering a compassion for myself which I used to reserve for others. Gavin creates a safe space with grace and humour".

Sandra Scholey - Contract Manager

"I have have enjoyed all of our work together, you really did make my landing in Totnes a beautiful one. I have cherished the space you hold to explore and play, and it really has helped me to overcome some very big obstacles. Your work is amazing, and I look forward to taking part again where I can, Thank you for your beautiful voice and music. You are truly amazing!" 

Karen Donaldson

"I have been working on and off with Gavin for nearly 10 years and have attended several weekly groups,

joined him for chanting at the solstice and equinox and more recently. I have been having some one to one sessions with him.I find the use of the voice, in the way that Gavin teaches, to be very transformative and empowering as well as enjoyable. Through chanting, singing the Indian scale with accompanying mudras and through naked voice, I have been exploring my voice; seeing what it can and cannot do, finding out where there are blocks and seeing what it reveals about myself.Throughout the process Gavin is an important supportive witness;being very present, listening sensitively and following with the harmonium and drums, 

creating a safe environment for me to go on my voice journey and to connect with my heart. It is profound, deep work, which is often emotional, cathartic and also very joyous. Just do it!"

Ruth Melbourne

"Thank you for the inspirational voice day. I am just so excited by my voice and what keeps coming out of me - like I know its all there, and its just giving it the space and encouragement to come out. I love the way sound just bypasses the mind - clears, brings joy and openness. So thank you for being that lovely person that facilitates that ( in such a wonderful way) and look forward to the next time. I know that I would not have found that sound inside me that so wants to be out there, without your support, patience, encouragement and just being you."

Linda Vincent-Yoga Teacher and Cook

"I just wanted to say thank you deeply for such a nourishing, healing, inspiring and fun day! You hold the space for us all so beautifully The day was a very powerful and profound experience. It was delightful to learn from you and I look forward to more encounters in the future."

Janette Moy-Yoga Teacher,             Kirtan Leader and Sound Healer-

Sing Into Spring Day Workshop

Oxford March 2024

"Gavin is a gifted and wonderful voice coach. He has helped me to express myself freely and joyously through my voice. What I love about Gavin is that whatever voice or singing experience someone has he supports them wholeheartedly and in the most spacious and encouraging way. I often sing Gavin’s chants at home, in the car and at different times during the day and find they are so uplifting!"

Rod Sugden- Oxford Weekend March 2020

"I’ve experienced a MASSIVE shift today with my voice .... I’ve always been musical, I’ve played the piano, the flute but been told all my life I had a terrible voice and shouldn’t sing.... and today I sang. I loved it. My voice loved it. My body loved it. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Namaste."

Gabrielle Zeter-Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training June 2020

"I got alot from it and it really helped me see/hear a different side of myself."

Katja-Voice Authentic-June 2017

" I wanted to say a huge thank you for today. I didn’t know what to expect today but definitely took so much away from it. You created a beautiful safe space to allow us to be vulnerable and open. I will always remember the other voices from today. I was so moved by the energy from the other ladies. I am on my own journey and today played a big part of it. I would love to join another session in the future,

Faith King-Voice Authentic- Sept 14th 2019

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Totnes Chant-it was great. it's a shame it can't be every week!"

Stuart Wills- Chant Out Totnes July 24th 2019

"I spent just one day working with Gavin and have found myself singing internally and externally since. His deep listening and strong and loving support of my authentic voice made it possible for me to sing in tune with myself and the world with ease and confidence. It was just great to be part of this workshop and, even though I missed the first day, I gained a whole new understanding of - and ease with - my sound and singing."

Claire Casey-Voice Power Dublin- Sept 29th/30th 2018

"Nourishment for the Soul. Gavin holds a beautiful sacred, safe, creative and empowering space. I would highly recommend his workshops."

Sorcha Saidlear-Voice Power Dublin-Sept 29th/30th 2018

"Thank you again Gavin for an amazing weekend.  The way you got us singing solo in front of the group in such a relaxed way was masterful.  I didn't know I had it in me!"

Richard Hughes-Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford, Mar 10th & 11th 2018

"It was a wonderful transformative weekend and the changes are still happening."

Sarah Stewart-Brown-Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford, Mar 10th & 11th 2018

"The workshop on Saturday was pretty earth-shattering for me. Something has been unlocked inside me. Some fear has been released. I can't thank you enough for what you've done.You're a special person - so kind and with such a luminous soul. I truly send you love and luck and wishes for joy and contentment in your life, from the heart."

Farrah-Voice Authentic-Jan 2017

"Thanks Gavin for the weekend experience, thanks everyone for wholehearted participation and willingness to explore.The song sharing on Sunday was very special, so much to appreciate in the unique beauty of each voice and contribution. I feel that I am still processing and that the workshop will resonate for some time to come."

Ange Leake-Sing For Your Life Weekend, Oxford, May 2017

"I loved the workshop! It left me feeling full of energy and there were quite a few moments throughout where I felt waves of total joy. Now I want to do more singing!   

Elizabeth Slade - Heart Sung Voice workshop, Nov 2016

"I have found this work powerful, beautiful and deeply moving. Gavin has an extraordinary ability to nurture and facilitate everyone's capacity for expressing their authentic voice. I can't recommend this highly enough."

Beverley Slade

"Dear Gavin, I had to write. You captured something wonderful for me on Saturday. Chants with depth and meaning, spaces to listen and hear and slowly to build confidence to let my voice have a say...or should I say sing.It was really a lovely day and after many attempts at non written music workshops at last I can now see a magic in it. Thank you so very much." 

Trish Lyth-participant at The Singing Body

"Gavin's pure melodic voice haunts the soul, it calls out and reminds us of the parts of ourselves which have been lost and forgotten."

Hilary Franklin - Therapist/Healer/Interfaith Minister

"I'm really keen on taking this experience I've had with you, in your class forward and will undoubtedly be pursuing it. Thank you once again for exposing me to this enriching possibility."

Isra Kairav

"I really can't thank you enough, it's been such a privilege to work with you, I'm incredibly grateful and it's been pivotal for me, so I thank you for all that you brought to that. I'd love to do more with you."

Sara Norrish

"Thank you so very much for an incredible experience last weekend. I really appreciated your sensitivity, encouragement and support, as well as all the breathtaking sound you cultivated in our lovely group.I will definitely be back to join in with your astonishing community again. Thank you".

Cath Keyworth-Divine Union Weekend Oxford March 2022

"A powerful weekend with the space to explore sound and emotions in a way that Gavin held very beautifully .. no sense of judgement or pressure. A real allowance to be oneself and to explore whilst feeling unconditionally supported ; its started to shift something mammoth for me ; thank you."

Karen Stuckey-Therapist- Oxford Weekend March 2020

" I have been on many workshops, trainings, courses, events and very few have actually been deeply powerful and soul changing like this weekend.  This weekend was inspirational and so much more than I hoped and thought.  I loved how from start to finish you were thrown straight into it, worked hard and really delved in deep, deeper than you thought you would go.  I really enjoyed how although we had opportunity to meet and greet others and communicate with each other over the weekend, it was really very much a personal journey and that we met each other more during the experience and through the sound, chant and song experience rather than endless hours of sharing circles.  I was moved to tears listening to others soulful sounds, I didn’t need to hear their story, I felt it.  I felt my own story too in ways I have never felt before.I am not usually naturally vocally gifted, yet I felt totally at ease and comfortable with exploring my own eclectic being with my own inner tunes and sounds that were waiting to be released.  I surprised myself with some of the hidden sounds that were waiting to explode from me.  With the sounds came emotions, thoughts, creative ideas and inspirations.  Finding the inner most raw sounds that emerged from myself and others were actually the most wonderful sounds that I have ever heard.  The sounds have resonated big and deep and strong. The experience within me feels as though an opera singer, whale song and full symphonic orchestra have played in a room with just me as their audience and how the vibrations keep on coming through the echoes of the ripples to depths of my heart and soul.  I have no idea what has just been unlocked and shifted in me, but it feels big, life changing almost.  It was incredible and I can’t wait to come again."

Nikki Nieduszynska, Natural Healing Expert & MindBody Trauma Specialist, Oxford Weekend March 2020

"Thank you for a lovely evening last night. The chanting with you is so inspiring, your voice is just so rich, I always enjoy your session."

Wendy Scott- Chant Out Cornwall Oct 4th 2019

"I can't recommend Gavin's Authentic Voice Workshop enough! It was joyful, exhilarating and cathartic. Gavin is an amazing facilitator, holding space so beautifully for all the participants to be present & express what is real and truthful. His connection to sound and music is so heartfelt and beautiful. I found the workshop healing in the most surprising way!"

Aimee Hamblyn-Voice Authentic-Nov 11th 2017

""Gavin creates a sound capsule where I was able to find my voice, explore my voice and then let it express itself in whatever way it wanted too. It was a very safe space, it was liberating and it was fun! I felt a lot of emotional clearing take place which allowed room for new growth. It felt really good to be part of Gavin's Voice Power workshop - it was truly a gift to myself. Thank you Gavin!".

Clare O Hare-Voice Power Dublin-Sept 29th/30th 2018

"Thanks so much to you Gavin.  I found the weekend helpful, moving, holding, fun, adventurous.....  and so much appreciated your skill, playfulness and compassionate presence"

Emma Hood-Spring Into Sound Weekend, Oxford, Mar 10th & 11th 2018

"I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful workshop. It was a deeply moving and healing experience."

Teija Tuulikki-Voice Authentic-Feb 10th 2018

Thank you for such an interesting and uplifting time and for making us feel safe to express our voices and create our songs with the Sa Re Ga scale.

Kate Ward-Sing For Your Life Oxford, May 2017

"Gavin practices with a gentleness and warmth that I can only describe as soft love. I felt able to explore my voice in a safe and supportive environment and came away with an expansive sense of myself and the world around me. I felt a new sense of freedom and particularly enjoyed feeling my breath, body and voice working in unison. I recommend Gavin's work for anyone looking to find, explore and experiment with their voice. Thank you Gavin for being part of my journey."

Rachel Schroder- Heart Sung workshop, Nov 2016

"I gave birth to sounds I've never produced before and it was fun! It was like a peephole to a whole new world of voice and I probably would not have landed to explore this spontaneously by myself. Will be interesting to see how this develops. Thank you again!"

Pauliina Tuominen - Voice Power group, Feb 2016

"The supportive atmosphere of the voice groups encouraged myself and all the other participants to develop a belief in our own abilities. I didn't think I could sing but now I know I can."

Ursula Livingstone - Teacher/Counsellor

"I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for the Kirtan at Triyoga yesterday. It was so beautiful and all of us felt the same way. I have never felt that way before in my life. I found my voice that was lost for before I can even remember. I would never have had the courage before to go up to a teacher at Triyoga and actually speak to them. But now I can. My heart now feels healed and open. So thank you. I also loved your CD, Soma. That is so beautiful too. I am singing your song The Songlines all the time now and I cant think of a better, more profound yet innocent, simple song to get stuck in my head : ))".

Nadia Abdal Aal

"I just wanted to say how beautiful the workshop was on Saturday and to thank you for your holding and facilitation, and for your music...both inner and outer. You clearly have a gift and are sharing your heart. I really appreciate your teaching. I felt very held and free to express the pain that I've been holding.Thank you for helping me to (re)connect to my own inner music, and body."

Lisa Garvey Williams - Psychosynthesis therapist/Psychotherapist

"Love your new track - Gavin your voice has such a stillness and purity, very calming, inspiring and soulful". "I love Gavin's workshops - highly recommended - have attended small groups, large groups, half-days and 2 days - all fabulous - not only does it help free the authentic voice but the calmness and joy that arises from this is wonderful."

Julia Hope Brightwell - Dance Connection Founder

"The chanting was grounding but at the same time made my heart sing- I give thanks often to the path that led me to your door. I would have never been able to sing or dance my heart without your gentle tuition." 

Kay Scott - Therapist

Feedback from having regular individual sessions: Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a very very big realisation for me for reconnection... I keep singing all the time. Looking forward to next week.

Etienne - Osteopath

"I wanted to let you know firstly of my feedback for the voice group I did last autumn with you. It was a wonderful experience of being held to find the ground beneath my voice and how I expressed myself. And see that evolve in confidence over the weeks for myself and others. I feel the way that you held the space was very special and that meant the support of yourself and others was really palpable." 

Seema Bhandari

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