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provides simple and powerful tools that:


Boost self-confidence

Promote creativity

Focus the mind

Improve communication

Build trust and self-empowerment

Release tension and stress

Increase vitality and energy

Are accessible to all


As a result your company will experience

the strengthening of Team Building

a reinforcement of productivity and harmony in the workplace

a development of leadership skills

and improvement in working relationships


What happens in a session?

Gavin will guide you through powerful practices such as chant and mantra supported by harmonium and drum. Chanting is the simple repetition of a melody and words that can connect with the essence of who we are.           This will be complimented by simple movement practices and voice work exercises that create a harmonious, relaxed and safe non-judgemental environment to explore our true voice. By connecting with our authentic voice, we are more connected to our hearts, and feel more in balance with ourselves and the world around us. From this place we have the capacity to live more fulfilling, productive, creative lives and this feeds into everything that we do- relationships, work/career, health and well-being.


Tools include:

Ancient Vocal Maps/World Chants

Free Vocal Exploration


Partner Work

Relaxation Techniques/Stress Busting Exercises

Uplifting Music


I offer different sessions depending on what is required:


1. Warmup: An opportunity to warm up the body and voice before a conference or alternatively use as an icebreaker.

Gavin will guide you through vocal practices that help focus the mind.

He will introduce interactive exercises that are energizing, engaging and fun!


2. Team Building, Team Bonding: The group will be introduced to the power and resonance of the voice using sacred chant and mantra. We will explore the wider field of other voices bringing in playful partner exercises that help dissolve tension and dissonance within a group creating a harmonious working space.


3. Creative Booster: We will use simple, powerful exercises that draw out your creative potential. This will include ancient vocal, body and meditative practices such as the Indian scale and partner work.


4. Self-Empowerment: This session will invite us to directly engage with an inner voice that is strong, confident and empowered, using a variety of vocal and physical practices.


How many people?

These sessions are suitable for any number of participants from a small to large conference hall. One to one sessions are also available.


How much?

Prices vary depending on length and location. Get in touch for more information.


How long is each session?

Sessions can last from 30mins to 2 hours but can be tailored up to a day upon request.


What will I get from this session? 

You will leave the session relaxed,energized, empowered and more directly connected with your inner voice/strength and confidence.


Terms and conditions:

50% non-refundable deposit to secure booking.

Remaining 50% to be paid on the day before the event takes place.



Call Gavin now for a free phone consultation to design your session!


CONTACT GAVIN ON 07873 472 135















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