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Kirtan is a type of devotional chanting that originated in India 2,500 years ago. Singing mantras or "words of power" can enable the mind to relax and connect us more deeply with our hearts, bringing great inner peace, freedom, and balance.


The repetiton of a simple recurring melody, words and rhythm can help focus the mind and release blocks and tensions in the body. By chanting the Divine names of the Indian Deities, there is a connection to something much bigger than ourselves and our personal identity, empowering us to express who we truly are. 


Kirtan is usually sung in a group in a call and response format, accompanied by Indian harmonium, percussion and bells.

Each chant varies in tempo and can build to an ecstatic climax.


Gavin has written his own mantras as well as utilising other traditional chants.




This is a special opportunity to explore chants from different traditions (Sanskrit, Jewish, Sufi, Native American, Sikh, Hawaian, Buddhist, African and English) to unlock the power of the voice. Gavin will guide you through chants and mantras, some call and response (Kirtan) and some all together.


Many cultures use chanting and song to uplift, enliven, transform and express the wisdom of the soul. By working with different sonorities, melodies, rhythm and words, we can access a broader spectrum of vibrational medicine.


"Chanting is the highest nectar, a tonic that fully nourishes our inner being. Chanting opens the heart and makes love flow through us".

Swami Muktananda



Chanting offers you:


  • Inner Peace

  • Direct access to your inner voice

  • Deep relaxation

  • Stress Relief

  • Vibrational healing

  • Freedom of expression

  • A vehicle for transformation and self-empowerment

  • Clarity of the mind

  • Improves immune system

  • Enhanced concentration and focus

  • Transcendent states of consciousness

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Helps regulate the hypothalamus the control centre of our emotions


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