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"He teaches with compassion and patience whilst supporting you to stretch into a place of confidence” 

Jules Heavens  

Facilitator/Life Coach



"I came a little closer to my sense of self. I left feeling empowered, energised and as if I unlocked a little corner of myself that I never knew was there.The voice really is a vehicle for transformation."

Jane Egginton- Travel Writer and Yoga Teacher, 

The Yoga Magazine Nov 2016



"Gavin is a sensitive and gentle teacher. He has been incredibly encouraging and managed not to make me feel like an idiot (pace many teachers I have met in the past). 

Gavin is a gifted musician and singer and has the knack of drawing the best out of others.Taking you step by step at a pace you can manage, while at the same time stretching you a little more each time, he draws out your talents and confidence. I was surprised at how well working by Skype went. Meeting in person when it came was really helpful too. " 

Rev Prof Stephen G Wright, Oct 2019




Individual voice sessions are suitable for those who prefer a one to one approach. Sometimes people wish to have a specific focus that they would like to work on privately. They are always tailored to the needs of the individual. We usually begin with a chant and then I will ask the client to sing so I can get a sense of their voice.


Each session will provide a range of vocal and practical tools specific to their needs.These may include chanting, movement, breathing exercises, the Indian scale and improvisation.


Gavin is experienced at supporting each person's needs, turning personal blocks into empowerment and self-expression. Zoom sessions are also available. For more info email





Come and learn the harmonium in a relaxed, fun and accessible way.

Learn to play your favourite chant. 

We will explore practices such as simple musicianship, chords,

the mechanics of the harmonium and the modes. 

These sessions are suitable for all abilities. Zoom sessions are also available. For more info email




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