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  • Do you want to find your voice?

  • Do you want to feel more confident?

  • Do you love singing?

  • Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself?

  • Do you want to transform your life?


These in depth programmes are designed to support you to access the fullest and deepest experience of your voice yet! Connecting with yourself in this way can be life changing. If you are looking for a direct experience of your true voice, you have come to the right place. By freeing the voice and cultivating a strong inner connection, you are able to access your full potential. 


Gavin will tailor each programme to your needs, making it fun, accessible, profound and transformational. He will provide you with tools that are guaranteed to develop and deepen the connection with your voice.


These skills will enable you to find inner peace, transform blocks and challenges that are holding you back, give voice to your dreams, cultivate a vitality and lust for life and much more!





This programme will provide you with the building blocks to access your authentic voice. After filling in a simple questionnaire you will be presented with different practices such as chant, mantra, meditation, breathing exercises, finding your home note and free voice which will help forge a relationship with your inner voice. 


You will learn to breathe more deeply and find a more resonant and embodied sound and explore ways to access the still, present voice that is your inner strength, wisdom and Presence.


"The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside". Rabindranath Tagore 


Time Frame: 6 hours- (three 2 hour sessions) +handouts and 1 follow up Skype/phone session includes guidance on keeping a journal to monitor your progress.


Call Gavin now for a free phone consultation on 07873 472 135 or email him on






This 3 month programme follows on from Find Your Voice. You will explore the empowered voice; the voice that enables you to stand in your power, access your fire/passion and sing and speak with authority. You will be working with warrior syllables, Native American power sounds, movement, mudra, writing, drawing techniques and finding your power mantra to draw out the warrior within. 


This is suitable for anyone wishing to inject some fire into their life, releasing things that don't serve them anymore and unleashing/harnessing their true voice in the world. You will be presented with practices to work with between each session.


"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in esctatic motion."-Rumi


Time Frame: 16 hours- (eight 2 hour sessions) +handouts and 2 follow up Skype/phone sessions + recordings of mantras.


Call Gavin now for a free phone consultation on 07873 472 135 or email him on






Sing For Your Life is the ultimate voice immersion!


This 6 month programme will provide you with the deepest experience of yourself. You will be using the ancient vocal system of the Indian scale.

Each sound of this vocal map corresponds to a different aspect of life.


You will look at where you stand in each area of your life and use sound and physical practices as well as working with a daily journal, vision boards and other techniques to support you to live your life in the fullest way possible. 


You will ascertain where your strengths are and where you need balance and focus. After filling in an depth questionnaire, I will devise your own personal vocal diagnosis.


You will be given exercises to work with after each session. 


"I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think"-Rumi


Time Frame: 30 hours- (fifteen 2 hour sessions) +handouts and 3 follow up Skype/phone sessions.


Call Gavin now for a free phone consultation on 07873 472 135 or email him on




There are two options for payments: Full payment or in three instalments.


























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